Meet the Technical Director

Boota Pardesi

Technical Director

My love from electronics started at the age of eleven when I made my own walkie talkies using some old phones and some wire! I was often fascinated by the transfer of sound and vision and the desire to understand it in its entirety – since them I have pursued and passion and never looked back!

My career in lighting started earlier than anticipated due to family responsibilities; however, my passion for electronics was not deterred as I took about to work in the day and attend evening classes. I worked up the ranks for an electrical wholesaler from general gopher to stock controller, to assistant buyer and lastly senior buyer for the lighting department. After spending over 20 years in the lighting industry working in an array of roles for domestic, commercial and leisure industry projects in UK and Europe I was fortunate enough to set up my own company.

Now, having spent 35 years in the lighting industry I have seen many changes and how it has evolved it has seen the good (LED – light source of the future light source), the bad (poor online choices) and the ugly (lack of consideration for safety/luminaire output); however the positives far outweigh these hence why I am staying firmly in the lighting game!

Each lighting scheme presents an opportunity to create a presence – a bespoke layout for the purpose intended and using the correct fixtures ensures the right balance of style and substance. This is what we strive for at A1 Lighting Design & Supply Ltd.

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